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I love being outside and miss the days of wandering through the woods with my Dad in upstate NY.  Photography is my hobby, so most of the images you will see are mine.  When I refer to Hubby, I’m referring to Jeff whom you’ll see in the pics from time-to-time.  I stand squarely in the middle of the left brain right brain controversy.  I once took a test to help me choose an occupation.  It came up with this: I’m creative and organized.  Let’s see hmmm.. Creative Accountant? Sports Bookie?  Neither of which are socially acceptable occupations that I can take home to Mom.  So I partnered up with my neighbor David, the Biologist, to ‘create’ and ‘organize’ the pics for this blog.

I’m the one most likely to refer to a ‘flock’ of birds as a ‘herd’ just to irritate Dave.  It’s fun.  I’m also the one most likely to refer to animals and insects as him or her.  I just call them as I see them through the lens.  So if you’re using this for research make sure you check with Dave before using my words.  For you purists, I’m just having a little fun; not poking fun.  In the past I have worked alongside several environmental agencies in the area and highly respect most of their work.

Why do I blog?  To share my experiences with you.  I hope that you enjoy my view of Central Florida and Beyond as much as I enjoy presenting it to you.  Central Florida has been my home since 1990 and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


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